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Computer Networks 6th MJ13

Computer Networks 6th MJ13

Sixth Semester
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
CS 2363/CS 65/10144 CS 503- COMPUTER NETWORKS
(Regulation 2008/2010)

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PART A (10*2=20Marks)

1.Show with an examples how encoding can be done using NRZI technique.
2.What is meant by 1 –persistent CSMA?
3.What are the uses of internetwork routing?
4.What is the purpose of subnetting?
5.List any four QoS parameters.
6.Differentiate flow control from congestion control.
7.Define cryptography.
8.What is meant by PGP?
9.State the advantages of DNS.
10.What are overlay networks?

PART B—(5*16=80MARKS)

11.(a) Discuss in detail on cyclic redundancy check with suitable examples. (16)
(b) Explain in detail the following:
(i) Transparent bridging. (8)
(ii) Source routing bridges. (8)

12. (a) Compare Address Resolution Protocol and RARP. (16)
(b) Write short notes on the following routing:
(i) Shortest path routine. (4)
(ii) Flooding. (4)
(iii) Distance vector routing. (4)
(iv) Flow based routing. (4)

13. (a) Discuss in detail the TCP segment header. Discuss about connection management in TCP. (16)
(b) Explain in detail about various congestion control techniques. (16)

14.(a) Discuss RSA algorithm in detail. (16)
(b) Explain the following :
(i) Authentication based on shared secret key. (8)
(ii) Authentication using a key distribution center. (8)

15. (a) Explain in detail the SNMP model with relevant diagrams. (16)
(b) Discuss the applications of multimedia in audio and video (16)

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